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Happy Beekeeping

Premium Quality Honey

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Everything Is Traceable Straight To Its Source

Happy Beekeeping Limited is a Northland based company who provide premium quality New Zealand honey straight from the hive to you. Happy Beekeeping Limited works with Northland beekeepers to provide you with the finest NZ honey available and to maintain the bio-security of this precious resource. They extract it, bottle it and it is traceable straight to its source.

Happy, healthy bees are the heart and soul of apiculture

New Zealand honey is world renowned as a superior honey and Happy Beekeeping’s vision is to make this premium top quality product available right here in New Zealand the place of origin. The health benefits of honey are astounding and the purer the source the more potent this gold-standard nourishment becomes.

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Education And Assistance To Hobbyists And Professionals

Happy Beekeeping limited in collaboration with Northland Beekeeper’s Association and the Innovation Association can provide education and assistance to all hobbyists and professionals.

A Range Of Products

Happy Beekeeping produces a range of honey which includes Manuka Honey, Active Manuka Honey and Manuka and Bush Honey.

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Happy Beekeeping – Enjoy Our Honey!

Dr Isaac Flitta – Founder and Owner of Happy Beekeeping

“...It was more or less by chance I stumbled, unsuspecting, into the magnificent world of bees when commissioned to design a new type of hive. What began as just another design brief has become an all-consuming passion. The stripy little fellas have stolen my affection, and the art of assisting them and their Queen in the production of delicious honey, with its almost magical health benefits, has stolen my life. Thus began a passion for beekeeping, a vision to safeguard the unique heritage of pure New Zealand’s Manuka Honey and share its bountiful treasure now and for generations of Kiwis to come...”

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