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The Zego Sports Boat

Here at Zego International Ltd, we design and manufacture one of the world’s safest, versatile and innovative sports boats - The Zego Sports Boat, and we are proud to say the Zego Sports Boat is designed and manufactured in Waipu, New Zealand and exported around the world.

It is our mission at Zego International Ltd to provide every one of our customers, a unique and personalised service from administration, to sales and marketing, to the production floor, to delivery of the product to the customer.

The Zego team enjoy spending time out in the Zego Sports Boat

Grant Greenbury CEO

Each member of the Zego International Ltd team has the knowledge and the experience to expertly advise and assist our Zego International Ltd customers to select the perfect Zego Sports Boat to fit their requirements.

Grant Greenbury is the CEO of Zego International Ltd and the longest member of the team with over 20 years’ experience designing and manufacturing the Zego Sports Boat. Grant ensures each customer is assisted from the initial enquiry right through to the delivery of the final product.

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Ben Keith

Ben is Zego International Ltd’s Sales and Marketing Manager, and has over 30 years’ experience in this field. Ben provides Zego International Ltd customers with all the information and professional support they need in order for them to purchase their ideal Zego Sports Boat.

Belinda Hindrupp

Belinda is Zego International Ltd’s Administration Manager and has over 20 years’ experience in administration and customer service. Belinda provides professional support to Zego International Ltd customers and to the other members of the Zego International Ltd team.

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A perfect boat for the whole team

As you can see by the photos, each member of our team enjoys spending time out on the Zego Sports Boat and we can all personally guarantee the Zego Sports Boat is the ultimate sports boat to own and have fun on, so don’t miss out on your chance to have one of the world’s finest sports boats in your life.

The Zego International Team have the knowledge, expertise and experience to assist you with your requirements

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For versatility the Zego Sports Boat cannot be beaten

For versatility the Zego Sports Boat cannot be beaten. The Zego Sports Boat has the capability of being suited to a variety of ocean and fresh water activities with the added advantage of being able to be taken into shallow waters, estuaries and rivers. Not only does this make the Zego Sports Boat ideal for scientific research, hunting, trout fishing and even farm work, but it is also a great family boat, ocean fishing/diving boat, surf-riding/wave jumping boat, and water-skiing/wake-boarding boat.

With its low maintenance, rugged construction the Zego Sports Boat is unsinkable. If you can sink a Zego we want to know how you achieved it. We have been trying for over 15 years and haven’t found a way yet. These little boats are amazing and cannot be beaten in price.

Perfect for the whole family

The Zego Sports Boat comes with all the standard Zego Sports Boat features you would expect a high quality sports boat to have, with your choice of optional extras such as black powder coated aluminium, black deck skirt, colour depth sounder, LED Nav lights and ski bar. Furthermore, what makes the Zego Sports Boat exceptional is the impressive workmanship that goes into each and every Zego Sports Boat manufactured.

The Zego Sports Boat is a great family boat because the Zego Sports Boat is extremely safe, tough, easy to drive and maintain. The Zego Sports Boat also makes it the ideal craft for the first time boater. Regardless of age and boating experience, the Zego Sports Boat will quickly build confidence so the whole family can have fun on the water or you can take off for a spot of serious fishing.

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The Zego Sports Boat is unsinkable

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The Zego Sports Boat is the ideal boat for the avid fisherman

For the avid fishermen out there, the Zego Sports Boat is the ideal boat to fish from, whether it be on a harbour, a lake or out at sea. With its incredible stability, and sea keeping ability, the Zego Sports Boat provides an ideal platform to fish, dive or collect cray-pots from.

The serious fisherman has the option to upgrade the Zego Sports Boat set up for the ultimate fishing experience. Upgrade options include colour depth sounder, VHF radio, gaff/paddle, compass, navigation lights, extra rod holders, knife/bait board etc.

Superb handling abilities

The superb surf handling abilities of the Zego Sports Boat makes it perfect to launch from a surf beach or to get you across a sand-bar to your favourite fishing spot. As launching and retrieving is a one-man operation, you can launch your Zego Sports Boat from almost any location, without having to rely on help. Combine this with its high top speed, Zego is the impeccable boat for a quick fish after work or when your time is limited.

The Zego Sports Boat is the ultimate surf-riding/wave jumping sports boat

If it’s thrill seeking adrenaline you’re after, then the Zego Sports Boat is definitely for you. With its incredible stability, amazing turning ability, and great balance Zego is right at home in the surf which makes it the ultimate surf-riding/wave jumping sports boat It will power through waves from either direction, get totally airborne jumping crests, and run along breaking crests like a surfboard.

If, in the unlikely, but not impossible chance you do get seriously loose it and flip the boat, the design of the Zego Sports Boat means it will remain floating upside down, providing a safety platform, and easy towing to a shore.

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The whole family can have fun out on the water!

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The Zego Sports Boat is a great water-skiing or wake-boarding boat

The Zego Sports Boat is also a great water-skiing or wake-boarding boat as the maximum legal capacity is for 3 persons – driver, observer & skier/wakeboarder up to 250kg (550lbs) at speeds of less than 16km/h (10mph.) in a harbour or lake. For all other activities the maximum legal capacity is for 2 persons up to 180kg (396lbs) at speeds above 16km/h.

For wake boarding and knee boarding

For you wake boarders or knee boarders who want the ultimate jumping excitement, a Zego is the perfect boat to get you out through the surf, and then pull you along the surf line where you will get all the airtime you ever dreamed of. The exceptional directional stability of the Zego Sports Boat allows it to track straight and true, no matter how tight the skier or wake boarder turns, even when running along the crest of a wave.

Zego Sports Boat is available in “camo” colours perfect for hunting

When it comes to hunting, the Zego Sports Boat is a great platform to hunt from. Hunting dogs can exit and re-enter the front deck with ease to retrieve downed game. Order your Zego Sports Boat in “camo” colours, black-out the aluminium and you have a great floating blind. The Zego Sports Boat loves rivers and swamps so the shallow draft, rugged hulls and great stability make this the ideal hunting boat.

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