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Waipu Gardening Circle

T: 022 645 0516 or 09 432 0097

Waipu Gardening Circle Jubilee

The Waipu Gardening Circle was started by members of the Country Women's Institute. The earliest minute book found was dated 30th October 1950. This meeting was held in the Presbyterian Church Hall. Mrs J.C.McKay was President and Mrs J Massey was Secretary.

The Club held a 60th reunion on 13th October 2010 which was attended by 68 past and present members. Waipu Gardening Circle meets on the second Tuesday of each month and new members are always welcome. Please contact Wendy on 022 645 0516 or Glenys on 09 432 0097.

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Waipu Gardening Circle has regular outings and tours to fabulous gardens and venues!

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Waipu Gardening Circle hold many varied and interesting tours

Waipu Gardening Circle hold many varied and interesting tours and outings for club members. Once a year the club organises trips away. In 2011 they travelled by bus to KeriKeri and in 2012 they travelled to Waiheke Island. In 2013 and 2014 the club visited different gardens in Coatesville and Riverhead areas and in 2015 they visited Puhoi where they were given a talk on the settlement and entertained by Bohemian dancers. Earlier this year the club members had a cruise on the Ngunguru River and stopped at a lovely garden for lunch.

Morris and James Pottery Workings Tour

This year in July the club are visiting Morris and James Pottery workings in Matakana from 11am with lunch in the pottery cafe after the tour.

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Where to find Waipu Gardening Circle

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