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Waipu Croquet Club

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A long and interesting history

The first croquet played in Waipu was at the home of Mrs J N McKay in Ferry Rd. This lead to organised croquet played in the Caledonian Park on the site now occupied by the Tennis Club. In 1921 the Club was granted a parcel of land at the opposite end of the Park and this is where the game is still played today, 95 years later.

It is recorded that 41 foundation Members each paid 1 guinea membership for the 1921/1922 season. On September 16th 1921 a Poverty Ball was held and from that another 18 pounds and 12 shillings was able to be added to the start up funds. Much time and energy was put into converting rough paddock into level lawns and monthly socials brought in further funds for seed, soil and wages. September 1922 saw Mr A E Snaith and Mr McKay resign from the positions of President and Treasurer, with the gentlemen handing over management of the Club the the Ladies!! Generous of them considering croquet was played by women only.

During the 95 years since then, there have been some fluctuations in the number of players, with the Club risking closure on a few occasions.

Pictured right: John Schollum 'best dressed' Waipu in Tartan Croquet event.

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95 years on and Waipu Croquet Club is even more popular!

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2016 / 2017 Season

Now for the 2016/2017 season, and the first time for 95 years Waipu Croquet Club is once again, opening with 41 members (only 2 Descendents).

There are 3 main reasons….men are ‘permitted’ and play on an equal basis, a new hybrid, Golf Croquet, is a quicker, more social and shorter version of the traditional game, and the population of Waipu is growing. Club Membership now costs $90!

The following report appeared in the NZ Croquet Matters newsletter recently. I suspect those original Members would approve.

Jean Tafa (Finlayson)
Club Captain 2016

Midwinter Croquet @ Waipu

On June 30th, Golf Croquet players in all manner of Scottish dress, travelled from throughout the North to Waipu for the eagerly anticipated Croquet Club Tartan Tournament, which is held annually as part of Tartan Month in Waipu.

After scones and shortbread for morning tea, players were piped onto the lawns by local piper David Moon. A brief stop was made at a handy pavilion for a snifter of Atholl Brose, Whisky, or not – before play began. Scotch Broth was a lunchtime feature.

The quick draining lawns were in perfect condition for the 40 players and the weather warm and sunny following a day of worrying rain. Waipu players played ‘half days’ to make room for the visitors from the 7 Clubs from Kaitaia to Warkworth.

Players had 5 different partners, played on 5 different lawns, against 10 different opponents. They stayed either primary or secondary colours for the whole 5 games, taking it in turns to hit off first. So 2 parallel competitions really.

The Tournament was generously sponsored by Waipu 4Square, owned by Steve Price (ex NZ Warriors Captain) and his wife Jo, both of whom played. Aurora Lodge donated accommodation for the furthest travellers from Kaitaia – a nearly 3 hour trip.

Midwinter Croquet results:

Tartan outfit – Joan Robinson (Waipu); John Schollum (Mangakaramea)

Primary – 1st Roz Banbury (Waipu); 2nd John Schollum; 3rd Sue McLeod (Kerikeri)

Secondary – 1st George Smith (Kaitaia); 2nd Vic Gilchrist (Wp); 3rd Carol Christmas (Wp)

Where to find Waipu Croquet Club

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