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Waipu Beekeepers Club

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To encourage and educate new and experienced beekeepers

The Waipu Beekeepers Club meets monthly at the Waipu Boat and Fishing Club on Nova Scotia Drive, Waipu. The club was started by Dr Isaac Flitta for anyone interested in taking up beekeeping or meeting with other beekeepers in the area. The clubs mission is to encourage and educate new and experienced Beekeepers and the local community. The club meets on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Meetings start at 5.30pm with a BBQ so please bring a plate to share and please bring $2 to cover the cost of the venue.

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Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, all welcome!

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Beekeeping is interesting and enjoyable

The mission of the Waipu Beekeepers club is to encourage and educate new and experienced beekeepers. With an abundance of native bush and plants Northland is the perfect piece of paradise for bees. Come and join the Waipu Beekeepers club and find out how interesting and enjoyable beekeeping is and with the added bonus of producing your own honey. All welcome!

$20 one off Joining Fee and annual membership of $50!

Purposes of our club

Beekeepers and others interested in bees and beekeeping have been meeting on the second Tuesday of each month to discuss matters related to beekeeping; to offer mutual support and assistance for an enjoyable happy beekeeping.

Purposes of our Club:

To promote good quality beekeeping in Waipu and surrounding areas.

To promote the education of members and the general public about matters related to the welfare and value of honeybees;

To represent the opinions of members to those authorities responsible for the regulation of beekeeping;

To do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.

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