Discover Waipu

A complete resource for Waipu residents and visitors proudly brought to you by the Waipu Business and Community Inc.

Discover Waipu

Welcome to the town of Waipu. Situated 90 minutes north of Auckland in the beautiful Bream Bay, Waipu has a population of around 1500 which is growing all the time as people come to enjoy the laid back friendly lifestyle, beautiful beaches, cafes and speciality shops that we have to offer.

Waipu has rich history and the story of our settlement by Scottish Presbyterians led by Norman McLeod can be seen at our museum. Waipu’s Scottish heritage can be seen all around the town and in annual events such as the New Year’s Highland Games and the Waipu in Tartan festival.

The Waipu Business and Community Inc. setup this website to promote the town, it’s activities and it's businesses. We invite anybody with an interest in the town of Waipu to contribute to the site by providing details of events, activities, businesses or interesting news items for promotion on this site.


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